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These .wav files were recorded Saturday 23rd May 1998 during the flight tests for the "GIORNATA DELL'ALA " Air show that took place the next day in Pratica di Mare AFB. The audio quality is not so good (I recorded with a small microphone) and these files are just a small part of the total 45 minutes of recording.

av8b+  [150 Kb] Italian navy AV-8b+ (from hovering to a 45° climb)

ef2000  [646 Kb] Italian DA3 EF2000 prototype (Takeoff and Vertical 8 !)

F104  [85 Kb] Italian F-104 ASAM (high speed, fast tonneau)

g222  [285 Kb] Italian G-222 ( LOOPING !!)

mig29  [327 Kb] German Mig-29 (Takeoff and vertical climb)

mirage2000  [144 Kb] French Mirage 2000 (vertical full AB climb)

Viggen  [194 Kb] Sweden Saab JA 37 Viggen (Takeoff)

The next files have been recorded Sunday 11th June 2000 at the Comina Airport near Pordenone for the "AEREI IN COMINA 1910-2000" Air Show. The recording technique is the same.

thunderbirds  [128 Kb] USAF Thunderbirds in formation

Su-27  [213 Kb] Su-27P number 595 from the "Test Pilots" team from Zhukovsky

EF-18A  [220 Kb] Spanish EF-18A from Aviano A.B.

F-16C  [107 Kb] USAF F-16c block 42 from Aviano A.B.

P.A.N.  [156 Kb] Italian "Frecce Tricolori" from Rivolto A.B.

P-51  [128 Kb] Renč Bouverat's fantastic P-51

Next files have been recorded Saturday 9th and Sunday 10th September 2000 at Rivolto Air Base near Udine for the "Giornata Azzurra 2000" Air Show.

draken  [172Kb] Austrian J350E Draken at 600Kts!

Draken  [242 Kb] Austrian J350E Draken in taxiway

F-16MLU  [143 Kb] Belgian F-16 MLU takeoff

F-16MLU  [94 Kb] Belgian F-16 MLU in taxiway

Tornado  [215 Kb] German Navy Tornado at 600Kts

Typhoon  [356 Kb] German DA1 Typhoon takeoff

Typhoon  [249 Kb] German DA1 Typhoon in taxiway